Aqua UV sun Gel SPF 30


Our 3 in 1 light weight, water resistant moisturizing sunscreen is here to protect ‘ U’ from UVA and UVB rays. Functions as a 3 in 1 by forming a skin protecting layer, moisturizing the skin,

and forming a sun block protecting your skin from the harsh sun rays. Because it’s lightweight and completely invisible on any skin tone, makeup lovers can even apply their favorite makeup over it.

Recommended For:

  • Athletes
  • Those who are looking for a lightweight sunscreen year round
  • Oily skin
  • Sensitive skin

Random Fact: UVA rays penetrate deep into the skins thickest layer (dermis). Unprotected exposure leads to freckles, wrinkles and suppression of the immune system. Whereas, UVB rays will burn the exterior layers of your skin, playing a key role in the development of skin cancer and sunburn.

Key Ingredients:

Centella Asiatica- tightens pores, reduces and removes freckles Crinum Asiaticum Extract - reduces skin irritation with a soothing effect Cucumber Extract- Removes skin metabolic waste. Supplies sufficient amount of moisture, while producing a calming soothing effect. Mistletoe Extract- strengthens skin barrier and calms skin. Tea Tree Oil- conditions skin while unclogging and tightening pores.

Formulation: Gel

How to use: Apply liberally to face, neck, and body. Re-apply throughout the day if desired.

Category: eyes, face, gel, mask

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