The Magnet Mask "a story of an experience"

September 19, 2018

I admit it. I’ve been hiding under a rock, stuck in my daily beauty regimen, totally in denial that it’s time to step it up.

Until now.

As a self-declared beauty product skeptic and natural health snob, I’ve officially graduated from simply slathering coconut oil all over my face and calling it a day/night, to suddenly falling in love with the latest beauty product technology.

Yep, I’m having a guilt-free affair with my new face mask. It makes me look and feel younger, more vibrant, confidant, and pampered.

The attraction is strong...magnetic, actually.

Magnet masks are trending, and there’s a reason why.

The new Black Luster Mask from Milky Dress is a game changer in my skin care regimen. I instantly feel like I am indulging in the latest, most luxurious spa treatment… without leaving my home.

The natural benefits of Dead Sea Mud combined with Korean science brings a whole new level of deep cleansing and nourishment to any complexion. Spreading a thick, rich, mud mask on my face and magically removing it with an etch-a-sketch-style magnet applicator (without using water) is not only entertaining, it’s effective, convenient, and worth every instant gratification moment.  

And my inner health snob skeptic can’t be any happier.

I invest in myself daily with nourishing food, exercise, sleep, stress management, and vitamins. I am a fanatic about what I put in and on my body. Since our skin is our biggest organ, everything we apply to it is absorbed, which can cumulatively affect our health and wellbeing. With all of my focus on incorporating non-toxic food, household, and personal products into my daily practices, I somehow neglected to create a skincare practice that also mirrors with my mindful, healthy, organic lifestyle -- until now.

This nature girl is happy to report that this mask is made from all natural, high quality ingredients that I feel confident about indulging my skin with...the thick blend of 24 natural minerals and essential ingredients filled with purifying compounds, plant extracts, and magnetic bits -- ingredients I can actually pronounce and recognize -- leaves my face feeling smooth, toned, softer, and supple. It smells fresh, clean, and luxurious. And, it makes a difference. The Dead Sea Mud draws out sebum and facial impurities, immediately giving my skin a gorgeous smooth, supple appearance and youthful radiant glow.

This cosmetic affair in a 50 ml container is quickly blossoming into deep {self} love.