Random Thoughts on our Cosmetics

September 19, 2018

Confession: is anyone else overwhelmed (and by overwhelmed I mean immobilized) by the massive amount of beauty products available?

I sure am.

As a self-proclaimed low-maintenance woman who successfully eluded a committed relationship with any skincare or makeup routine for, whole adult life, choosing products to start with and developing a routine is daunting to say the least.

As a holistic nutrition and integrative health specialist, you could say I’m a bit picky.

Thankfully, it is common knowledge that skin is our largest organ. It absorbs everything like a sponge. Popular conversation and ongoing research about toxins and their impact on our health are starting to sink in more quickly than the plethora of chemicals in the very things we are using to protect us, and in everything we eat, breathe, and touch.

The associated repercussions of chronic toxic exposure has brought a new awareness to the scary list of franken-ingredients in the goop we slather over our delicate faces and bodies on a daily basis.

As eating nutritious food for the prevention, mitigation, and treatment of numerous health woes becomes an ever-growing hot topic, we are realizing the importance of natural ingredients in what we consume topically as well.

Thankfully, companies like Random Thoughts have sourced some of the best quality products available. They use all-natural plant and seed extracts, minerals, and organic oils without sacrificing style, ease, and function. The Milky Dress makeup and skincare lines are the perfect combination of function and fashion in our new culture of mindful living and associated healthy habits.

As a woman in her forties, I realized it’s time to get real.

I finally got past the denial (or lazy) phase that yes, I. Am. Aging.

And while I continue with daily self-care practices that contribute to gracefully “maturing” and longevity in general, I can safely admit that it’s time to amp up my self-care regimen. I am bad at asking for help, and this is no exception. While living a clean, healthy lifestyle has done wonders to combat the aging process so far, I am not too proud to admit that my healthy sense of vanity is quietly raising its hand in the background -- it needs some attention too.

Hey ladies, we all need a boost. And if I’m going to invest in a “boost”, it’s going to align with my values and organic lifestyle.

Milky Dress combines proven ancient traditions of eastern medicine with western technology for an innovative and effective skin care product line that will leave you wanting more. As a recovering skincare skeptic, I can fully admit it...I’m hooked.

Having relied on drugstore makeup basics for years, simply out of habit, I can safely say that my whole beauty world has been turned upside down. I don’t skimp on quality of anything else in my life, so it’s about time my beauty regimen follows suit.

Milky Dress…you had me at the smooth application of the products.


The pretty packaging (what girl doesn’t love a dose of shiny buff pink), the earthy, natural scent (not chemically or perfumy), and oh wait... the plant based ingredient list with things like sunflower and rosemary extracts.

Ummmm, yeah, I’m Sold.

Plant based diet, plant based makeup? Yes, please.

Thankfully, it’s chic to be green. The term “nature girl” has an entirely different meaning now.


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